Rules of the game

mann frei2Of course you have to stick to some rules

  • on the pitch, the mask must be worn
  • outside the playing field and during the instructions the “barrel sock” (protection of the gun barrel) must be used
  • people under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances are not allowed on the field
  • camouflage or army clothing are not allowed
  • staff (supervision) instructions must always be obeyed, should this not be the case, the game can be stopped and players may be dismissed from the field
  • if a player is marked, he must indicate this by the following: Stretch one hand in the air, lay the other one flat on the head while shouting "HIT" - now he can leave the pitch without being marked again
  • there is no marking allowed in the safety zone
  • marked players are prohibited from interfering in the game through hand signs, sounds or other actions
  • it is prohibited to mark players who are within a range of 1 ½ metres. In such a case, the player has to shout "Gotcha" – then the opponent is considered as marked.
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